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We’re committed to empowering veterans and military spouses throughout their career. Alongside our partner organizations, we provide mentorship, coaching, and career discovery to help military talent realize their potential and define their professional goals. Our extensive talent network is organically grown from the relationships we build and the authenticity we maintain. We create optimal talent solutions based on the needs of your organization and harness the power of our matchmaking ability to deliver top-tier talent, on demand. With the lowest fees in the industry, we not only save you money - we make you money - by powering your workforce with our nation’s best-in-class talent.
Your success means everything to us.

What We Do


For Military Talent: Coaching & Mentorship

In everything we do, we believe in elevating human potential to realize their strengths and find their purpose. We invest in the futures of heroes so they may continue to push our country forward through their leadership and exceptional skill set. We cultivate military talent through mentorship and career discovery. We coach candidates through the resume writing and interview process, and connect them to meaningful careers. Military Talent Partners provides mentorship, coaching, and career discovery at no cost to transitioning military, veterans, and spouses. Sign up with us to be contacted about career coaching and mentorship.
Your success means everything to us​.


For Businesses: Recruiting and Talent Solutions

We take care of everything. Our consultative approach to partnership will allow us to discover what matters most to you, and together, we’ll work to attain it. Our portfolio of talent solutions, combined with our full lifecycle recruitment support, gives your business the edge it needs to hire X factor talent. We don’t bring just anybody into our talent network. We only work with the best, because that’s what our clients deserve. Our partnership includes fully customizable support, exceptional candidate experience, and the industry’s best representation of your brand. Our networks run deep - and our tailored approach comes with the lowest fees in the industry. Sign up for a partnership with us today.
Your success means everything to us​.

Don’t just thank them for their service, honor their future.



Tristan Flannery

Consultant. Entrepreneur. Veteran.​
“A clear indicator of Natalie's core values lies in her approach to the delicate business of recruiting: She does not come with an ask of her clients but a question of how to be of assistance to them.This crucial distinction, the listening vs. speaking, is the very reason why she possesses an astonishingly engaged professional network and can grow an impressive roster of clients, partners, and peers, interested in assisting her in the successful growth of MTP.​ ​I will always choose to engage with a small, dynamic, and aggressively forward leaning company, run by a founder who shows an impressive ability to combine her compassion, intellect, and experience into successful outcomes for others.”


John Allen

CEO, Elite Meet
“Our organization has repeatedly sought out
Natalie's social media and contract negotiation expertise for our candidates. She not only does amazing work, but moves instantly on requests and always goes above and beyond what is required. I don't write reviews of people, but Natalie made such a strong impression on me and my team, that I felt compelled to put this up for public consumption. I truly cannot recommend Natalie enough for anyone looking to recruit/mentor veterans.”


Timothy Cochrane

President of American Corporate Partners
“Never in my life have I seen a more tenacious and encouraging advocate of our nation's transitioning military. Natalie's upbeat personality and willingness to go out of her way to help her brothers and sisters is a true example of what it means to care for our veterans. I am honored to have Natalie in my corner and am confident that she will be successful no matter what it she pursues.”


Diana Rau

Tech Exec. Impact Entrepreneur.

“Natalie is one of the top super mentors at Veterati and one of the most generous, energetic, and capable professionals I know. She’s passionate about service and proves it by her actions: She’s volunteered 83+ hours with countless Veterans & military spouses JUST THROUGH VETERATI.COM, not withstanding the many other orgs she makes a difference through. I’ll let what her mentees on Veterati say speak to her character:

Natalie is a wealth of information and truly understands how to speak to each veteran about his or her individual needs and goals. Great call, thank you Natalie!"


Matthew Rosebaugh

Team Builder. Activator. Veteran Coach
“Natalie is one of the most authentic and caring recruiting partners in the industry. I have worked with Natalie over the last year in several capacities and have been constantly blown away by not only her energy, but her ability to achieve success in everything she touches. She is a role model for entrepreneurs and Veterans alike!

One of her keys to success is mentoring, coaching, training, and selecting the right candidates for the right roles, saving company's money and time in their candidate search. More than just a recruiter, she is a partner that works diligently to ensure that clients are happy and candidates are fulfilled in their next role.

Working with Natalie in a volunteer capacity as well, she is willing to go the extra mile to help the community (locally and nationally). She generously gives of her time and talents, changing the lives of countless Veterans.

If you are looking for a Veteran recruiting partner who cares about the candidate as much as the client, Natalie and Military Talent Partners are THE choice for you!”


Leslie Coffey

Passionate Transition Specialist
“Natalie lives a life of staggering generosity. The level of dedication, compassion, and enthusiasm she brings to her mentees is simply unparalleled. Natalie will help you to identify your essential purpose, raise your standards, and challenge you to be the best version of yourself!

Natalie is committed to helping her mentees find both success and gratification within their chosen profession. She becomes completely invested in her mentees, displays genuine interest, and is willing to devote the required time to help you achieve your goals.

Natalie is the definition of leading by example as she continually demonstrates what it takes to be productive and successful. I consider myself truly blessed to have her ongoing support and will forever be grateful for her guidance.”

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By partnering with Military Talent Partners, you are supporting future opportunities for military talented individuals. You’ve not only chosen to make conscious hiring decisions, but you’re also committing to giving back to the military community. As part of our partnership, you can place our logo on your website along with an explanation of your support.

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