Jacob Henne

Mentee, Account Executive
“​Natalie is a one-of-a-kind professional and veteran advocate. She genuinely cares about the well-being and success of everyone around her, and I am very privileged to have her as a mentor. She has been by my side on my Army transition journey from Day 1. Though she is a recruiter by trade, there was never any “recruiting” in our


Christopher Coker

Founder, Suit Soldier
“Natalie is a breath of fresh air for the career placement industry. She has such a positive perspective and her energy keeps her at the top of her game all the time. I truly can’t think of a better person to spearhead veteran advocacy to help our service members take off the uniform and move into purposeful and fulfilling careers. The work Natalie has done, and will continue to do, with Military Talent Partners is changing lives and the veteran community is lucky to have such a genuine and effective champion.”


Erik Schlacter

Advocate, ACP
“If I were to put together a team of superstar
Veteran Advocates who I could trust and rely on to get the job done, Natalie Oliverio would be at the top of that list. It is very rare to come across an individual as passionate and sincere as Natalie; her dedication to serving others is contagious and she makes everyone around her better. I didn’t realize the impact it would make connecting with Natalie on LinkedIn… she is always quick to respond and anxious to help with whatever Veteran initiatives need to be communicated throughout the community. Natalie is a go-getter and I am honored to have her in my corner!”


Crystal White

GRC Strategic Planning | CyberSec & InfoSec
“Natalie’s authentic and genuine approach to her interactions with others has made her a top go to person for guidance and mentorship within the LinkedIn community and without. With a vision toward finding the best fit for her clients and customers she brings the same authentic and genuine approach to recruiting. Natalie is a great partner to have as a mentor and a recruiter.”


Katherine Williams

Cyber IQT Instructor at Apogee Engineering, LLC
“When I think of Natalie, the first thought that comes to mind is top-notch. I had the privilege of being mentored by Natalie as a recently separated veteran trying to find my passion. I reached out to her on LinkedIn and she responded to me and set a call up immediately to offer her assistance. She was enthusiastic and so willing to help. She gave me very actionable advice and helped me come up with a plan moving forward. Natalie is a phenomenal mentor and she has my highest recommendation.”


Evan Roddenberry

Associate Manager Information Technology at Blizzard Entertainment
“Natalie, being the extreme force for Good that she is, reached out to me after hearing I was transitioning from the military. Without knowing me at all, she volunteered hours of time on the phone and on her own giving me mock interviews, reviewing resumes, and coaching me through the ups and downs of job searching. I am so completely impressed by her willingness and capability to help shape personal branding, negotiations, and job searching. I have recommended her to several colleagues and will continue to do so!”


Tom Dybicz

Army Veteran. Cloud Specialist at Onix Networking Corp.
“Natalie was the first veteran I connected with outside my own network during a poorly planned transition. She was very helpful in getting my head back in the game, helping to rebuild my confidence, and encouraging me to continue networking. She is passionate about connecting service members and veterans and I expect her newest endeavor to be a true value-add for members of the military community.”


Clifton Cooper

Operations Manager in the U.S. Army
“I had the honor of working with Natalie Oliverio for approximately one year while serving as the Army Transition Manager in Okinawa, Japan. Natalie was running a pro bono mentorship program for transitioning veterans where she mentored them through a multi-week program that included finding a personal “why”, resume review and social media consult. This boutique program helped veterans and their families leverage all programs for a personalized transition. Natalie managed this dispersed team of volunteers while working full time as a senior recruiter.

Natalie’s ability to mentor veterans while ensuring she places them in careers that are a natural fit for them and their specific needs are a component that is not often found in the veteran recruiting space. Natalie volunteers an enormous amount of time outside of her recruiting role to advise service members, leaders of government programs, and private business alike on the modern needs of industry and transitioning service members. Natalie is a natural balance of mentor and veteran talent sourcing expert. Natalie will be an automatic value-add for any corporation large or small that she assists to broaden their inclusion and diversity programs.”


Ryan Walters

Mentee, Director – Special Operations
“Natalie is one of the best Veteran mentors and connectors out there! She will always make herself available to help you out and she will activate her extensive and far-reaching network to assist transitioning veterans. She’s a fellow veteran herself and she understands the challenges that we all face. Natalie has helped me immensely with my networking and she’s directly responsible for much of my success during
my own transition.”


Natalie is one of the top super mentors at Veterati and one of the most generous, energetic, and capable professionals I know. She’s passionate about service and proves it by her actions: She’s volunteered 83+ hours with countless Veterans & military spouses JUST THROUGH VETERATI.COM, not withstanding the many other orgs she makes a difference through. I’ll let what her mentees on Veterati say speak to her character:

“Natalie is a wealth of information and truly understands how to speak to each veteran about his or her individual needs and goals. Great call, thank you Natalie!”

“Natalie is a phenomenal resource for our veterans. Her mentorship has helped me build a better brand and prepare myself for future opportunities. I can not thank her enough for her time and energy on my behalf. Any senior leader preparing to transition from the Army would benefit from connecting with her.”


Diana Rau

Tech Exec. Impact Entrepreneur

“Mentor Natalie is an authentic mentor who provides tremendous insights as a caring individual, strategic coach, and an experienced HR professional. After her coaching, I gained confidence and empowered going through the hiring processes. Thank you for the compassionate listening to what I had to share and the areas of assistance!”

“Natalie was an absolute professional and her passion for helping people was evident in her enthusiasm. My call with her was thought-provoking. She gave me plenty of things to consider. I look forward to future conversations with her and acting on the information and guidance she provided during our call. Thanks, Natalie, for all that you do!!”

“Natalie is remarkable! She provided much-needed advice on how to focus the job search to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Natalie also shared valuable insight into the “other side of LinkedIn” from a recruiter’s perspective. She equipped me with actionable tips to improve my profile to encourage recruiters not to pass me by.”


“Knowledgeable, Caring, Authentic – these qualities are a must in mentors and Natalie didn’t disappoint. Natalie is a natural mentor with excellent communication skills. I have my first Skype interview coming up and Natalie actively listened to my plan, provided immediate feedback and actionable advice to ace the interview. I look forward to speaking with her again soon.”

“Natalie helped me so much! My biggest hurdle in my transition has been to communicate why my skills recruiting in the military are transferable to the civilian sector. Natalie gave me some suggestions that are as powerful as they are pragmatic! She then graciously offered to share my information with her network. I would recommend a session with Natalie to anyone!”