Veteran Interview Guide

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Veteran Interview Guide

August 31, 2018 | By Natalie Oliverio

1). Tell me about your time in the military. What was your day-to-day like?

2). When you think back on your service, what are you most proud of?

3). What will your fellow service-members remember you for?

4). Did you receive any awards or recognition? Tell me about those.

5). What are the top 5 skills you’d say best represent your experience gained by serving in the military?

6). If you could choose a civilian job, based on your military experience, what would that be?

7). Tell me about a challenging circumstance and how you overcame that difficulty.

8). Can you describe an event where you had to adapt to a current situation and how you worked through roadblocks?

9). In the military, you are paired with a diverse group of people and serve along-side them. How do you work with others who are different than you? How do you overcome communication/personality barriers?

10). Overall, regarding your military experience, what did you learn? What is your biggest takeaway?


 Author Bio:

Natalie Oliverio is the Founder & CEO of Military Talent Partners. A veteran-owned, woman-owned small business, (VOSB) that mentors transitioning military, veterans, and spouses through career planning and discovery. Military Talent Partners works directly with military talent to find their purpose and connect them to meaningful careers. Don’t just thank them for their service, hire them and honor their future. To work with Military Talent Partners, email:

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